The Constitution of Doncaster Camera Club

1.The Doncaster Camera Club shall have for its object the study and advancement of photography, the production of photographs and the creation of an active body of local photographers embracing both traditional and digital processes.

2.Membership of the Club implies the undertaking to comply with and abide by the rules of the Club.

3.The business of the Club shall be managed by a Council consisting of Officers and two Council members who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

4. The Officers shall comprise:-

The President
The Vice-president
The immediate Past President (ex officio)
The Honorary Secretary
The Honorary Treasurer
The Programme Secretary
The Competition Secretary


a.With exception of the President and Vice-president these Officers shall be elected, together with the two Council Members, at the Annual General Meeting

b.All Officers and Council Members are eligible for re-election each year, but the President’s period of office shall not exceed two consecutive years, when the Vice-president shall automatically be nominated to succeed to the post.

c.The retiring President shall be deemed an ex-officio member of the Council for the succeeding year in the role of Immediate Past President and shall take the chair in the absence of the President and Vice-president.

5. The affairs of the Club shall be transacted at properly convened meetings of the Council and five members shall form a Quorum.
At the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting, nine members shall form a quorum.

The Annual General Meeting may elect as Honorary Life Member any member or person whom it considers has rendered exceptional service to the Club through practical service and/or being a benefactor, and/or through bringing distinction to the Club. (Council Minute 4.1.2 2nd Dec 96) This Office shall not carry a seat on the Council. In event of a member of the Council ceasing to act through resignation or otherwise, the Council may elect a successor.

The Council may co-opt other members to assist with the affairs of the Club but such members will not be entitled to vote on the Council matters.

Doncaster Camera Club may be wound up at any time if agreed by two-thirds of those members present and voting at any General Meeting.

In the event of the winding up of Doncaster Camera Club, any assets remaining, after all debts have been paid, shall be given to another photography based group with similar aims within the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough area.

6.The Financial Year of the Club shall end on the 31st December each year.

7.The Annual General Meeting shall be held between 1st April and 31st May each year.

8.The Secretary shall attend and keep the minutes of all meeting and conduct the correspondence of the club. The Treasurer shall collect all subscriptions and monies due and provide official receipts. He/She shall defray the expenses of visiting Judges and lecturers and promptly discharge all liabilities after authorisation of the Council.

9.The annual subscription for the year will be due on the 1st May and not later than the first meeting of the Winter season. Only fully paid up members may enter the monthly competitions and Prints and DPI’s will only be accepted that bear the current years membership number. Applicants for membership must deposit the subscription in full along with the properly completed form of application. Members elected after 1st January each year pay half the full rate.

10.The annual subscription shall be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting. (1974 AGM resolution)

11.Membership ceases, upon written resignation addressed to the Secretary or on failure to pay the annual subscription by 31st December in each year. Defaulting members may be re-admitted to the Club upon payment of one years arrears of subscription.

12.Any 10 paid up members may give written notice to the Secretary that they require a Special General Meeting to be called. The notice must state the business for which the meeting is to be convened and the Special General Meeting shall be called within 28 days of the notice.

13.No addition or alteration shall be made to these rules except at the Annual or Special General Meeting. 28 days notice shall be given to the Secretary of any proposed alteration or addition.

14.Members shall be given 14 days notice of the Annual or Special General Meeting and such notice shall give details of any proposed alteration or addition.The Council shall have the power to make emergency Rules which shall be binding immediately on all members but ratification of such Rules must be obtained at a Special General Meeting within 28 days.

15.Members may introduce visitors to club meetings, but a visitor may not attend more than three times in one financial year. 1st January to 31st December.

16.The Council shall from time to time, make all necessary Rules for dealing with competitions and the use of the Clubs equipment.

17.Doncaster Camera Club encourages any person to join who is interested in photography regardless of ethnic origin, religious beliefs, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation.

The Club will:-
a.Encourage and cultivate attitudes which will give its members parity of esteem.

b.Make all new members aware of its policy.

c.Endeavour to make all its members feel comfortable, safe and free from any form of harassment or unwanted attention.

d.Produce a programme of events that will seek to meet the interests of all its members.

e.Seek to the best of its ability, to positively encourage participation of physically impaired members.

f.Through its subscription tariff positively encourage young and old, male and female to be members. (AGM 1997)

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